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What if I told you that Di-hydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) was in your food, the air you breathe and your children are exposed to this chemical every day? Well, there has been a long standing petition to ban it and there are many websites raving about its dangers.

Google it.

Now, are you ready for this? Di-hydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) is the chemical name for water. H2O. Thousands signed that petition and many more still today believe these websites that say Di-hydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) is responsible for everything from poisonings to death. Remember, we are talking about plain old pure water.

The chemical name is unfamiliar to most in our everyday English language. Check out what is in your blood.

This title of this illustration is a perfect example of scare tactics being used by uneducated people spreading misinformation across the internet. Just because it's on the web, does not mean it is truth or fact. If you are really concerned about an ingredient, ask a CREDIBLE source. Now, Read to the bottom of the illustration. There you have it.

Another example would be Tocopherol which sounds like an ugly ingredient for a skin cream. It's not! It is the INCI (explained in an earlier blog) for Vitamin E.

The point I am trying to make is everything is a chemical and not all chemicals are bad. On the contrary, things that are natural have the potential to irritate or harm, i.e. poison ivy. In the cosmetic industry, the way chemicals are processed has the potential to change them to synthetic ingredients . The only type of synthetic ingredients that are permitted are, of course, non-toxic.

It is enlightening to be able to read and understand an ingredient label when buying items for personal care. Do not let big long words scare you off. You may be missing out on wonderful ingredients like Vitamin E (INCI Tocopherol)! Learn from a Credible source (cannot say that enough). Remember a term like "Natural" is not always safe if not properly preserved/tested and that you may still have a negative reaction to it. Synthetic ingredients can be lovely and must be certified non-toxic. Finally to come full circle, don't worry about the term "chemical" because everything is a chemical!!

Ciao for now!

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