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(W)The Shampoo Dome-Solid shampoo bar x 1

(W)The Shampoo Dome-Solid shampoo bar x 1


Our Solid Shampoo Bar was designed to deliver a concentrated, long-lasting cleansing experience while being gentle on the scalp. Infused with a refreshing scent and enriched with Pro Vitamin B5, Jojoba Oil, and six different proteins, including kale, this innovative shampoo bar not only nourishes your hair but also promotes strength and vitality. Its solid form makes it perfect for travel, eliminating spills and reducing plastic waste for a more eco-friendly option. Pair it with our Conditioner Bar for a complete hair care routine that leaves your locks feeling healthy, silky, and beautifully refreshed. Experience the convenience, effectiveness, and sustainability of our Solid Shampoo Bar .

Get wonderfully, soft, clean hair with all the luxury of a premium shampoo in a long lasting bar. Easy, fast, gentle and fun to use with wonderful lather. Hair is left soft and clean. No more worries about shampoo bottles spilling while you travel. Fortified with Phytokeratin and Pro Vitamin B5.

116 g

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