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One Stroke Basic Strokes Workbook

One Stroke Basic Strokes Workbook

SKU: 9880

Learning how to use One Stroke brushes is the most important part of learning the One Stroke technique. Each brush performs differently, and each is used to create a specific design. Once you learn how to load each brush and to use it correctly to create the brushe strokes, you will discover that your brushes are doing the work for you.

The 18 painting worksheets in this book will allow you practice your brush strokes right on top of the pages. Just cover the color worksheet with a piece of clear plastic such as Mylar, a plastic sheet protector, or tracing paper. Then paint onto the plastic following the strokes. Practice these strokes man times. Once you have mastered the strokes you can move on and learn how to combine several strokes to create beautiful designs. There are also 5 projects included so that you can use the skills you learn to make beautiful home decor accessories. So get your brushes loaded, and let's have some fun.

Size: 36 pages

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